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In addition to the telephone booth-cyber cafés, you may access Internet free of charge in the libraries in the historical city centre: Bibliotecas de Xàbia Històrica and in the Duanes area. In the Civic Punt, free wifi available in attention schedule. 


Euro Hispano, S. L.

C/ Ronda Sur,40
telf. 966462109

Sending of money:

Money Gram, Ria, Itransfer, Western Union, Monty.


Euronet 2

C/ Mestre Ángel Palencia,1(junto a correos)
telf. 966461612

Use of computers and telephones.

Sending of Money:

Money Gram, Itransfer, Ría, Western Union.

Minimarket - Locutorio

C/ Dr.Fleming,7-bajo
telf. 966461365

Use of computers and telephones.

Sending of money:

Ría, Money Gram.

Personal Postal

Ctra. Cap de la Nau - Pla,116- L4 (junto Sabadell)
telf. 966460907

Activities related to the use of computers.

Sending of money:

Western Union, Money Gram.